About Croakies

It began the way a lot of great ideas begin, with a flash of pure inspiration. In 1977 a local ski patroller from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, came up with an idea for an eyewear retainer that would grip his shades through all kinds of conditions. Using an old wetsuit, some sharp scissors, and good old American ingenuity, he made the first pair of Croakies. They were light, comfortable, and best of all, they really worked. As a brand, Croakies has come a long way from the scissors and wetsuits; however, our inspiration remains the same. With a wide collection of retention products from traditional “Croakies” to belts, we continue to focus on building truly unique, best-in-class products that inspire everyday adventure and provide comfort, style, durability and functionality to active people of all ages. Corporations, schools, national organizations, benefit foundations, and local businesses utilize these products for sales aides, trade shows, marathons, reunions and special events. Our goal is to provide sales and marketing solutions to you and your clients. Through a great deal of hard work and dedication, Croakies has earned a reputation as one of the top suppliers in the industry. It is a privilege to serve you.